So a long time ago (the mid-1990s), the greatest writer in comics agreed to take over the writing duties for Image Comics' Supreme. He would radically reshape the character, the book, and due to forces beyond his control, a whole comic book universe. And it led to an award-winning run of comics, three additional titles (among several proposed) and ultimately led to the genesis of Moore's much better known America's Best Comics. And then it all went out of print and was forgotten by way too many.

Having gathered quite a bit of information about Moore's Supreme and Awesome runs, I decided to create a home for the forgotten Awesome. Over the course of a year, I put it all together here.

Each week I did a main "Weekly Reading" post that was a read-through of that issue. I followed that up with a couple of other posts about topics from that Weekly Reading or whatever else I came up with to talk about. You'll find the lost Youngbloods in the Youngblood section and the fan-edit of the last Supreme in After Awesome.

Below is the archive of posts broken up by book. Thanks for checking the site out!

Book 1: Supreme: The Story of the Year

Book 1: Judgment Day

Book 3: Supreme: The Return

Book 4: Youngblood

Book 5: Glory

Book 6: After Awesome

Book 7: 1963

Book 8: Night Raven

Book 9: A Small Killing

Read Moore's Awesome works

With Supreme and the other Awesome issues being out of print, there are a few honest (and some not-so-honest) ways of finding the issues to be read:
  • eBay or other online stores should have all of the back issues. They are not generally all that expensive, if you can find a deal.
  • Checker publishing put out an okay-quality trade of Moore's first 23 issues of Supreme and then slapped a "The End" card on the last page. The first can be found for $20-$30 and the second for much less. They also put out a Judgment Day trade. Just know that some of the creators aren't big fans of the Checker trades:
    "I can’t honestly recommend the CHECKER collections of Alan’s SUPREME run. The work is amazing but the CHECKER reproduction is unbelievably bad and Alan’s story is left unfinished. None of the creators, except presumably Liefeld, have received any royalties from these editions. The best way to read Alan’s SUPREME is to pick it up on the back issue market. Check out the quarter boxes when you’re down at the comic book store..."-Rick Veitch
    "Why I didn't like the Checker books is that you can see the other side of the pages in the scans."-Chris Sprouse
  • At one time, digital copies of some of the issues were available through legit means. I don't know if this a real thing, but it looks like some of the Checker Supreme scans might be available here. If anyone knows of other places, let me know and I'll update this.
  • There are a lot of sites and torrents out there that have illicit copies of the issues scanned in, which you can probably find with a little searching (cough... here or here... cough).
  • Scripts for the unpublished (and some of the published) Youngblood issues can be found at Comics Experience's Script Archive:
  • Fan-created issues from those Youngblood scripts can be found online. They feature a completed version of issue 3-7 and fan fiction created from Moore's proposal for issues 8-12 and a great little epilogue. Here they are:
    Legal disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own the rights to any of these comics or scripts and am only linking to them. If there are any concerns about these links, please let me know and I'll remove them.


  1. (After a few unsuccessful attempts to post a comment using the "Anonymous" profile option, I just decided to set up a "Google Account" and try again. I suck at computers in general, so hopefully this works haha. I'm not sure how the name will show up - this is Archie Keller over from the /r/AlanMoore subreddit.)

    I believe I have all of Moore's Awesome work (I'm actually proud of myself for keeping these all together in one place for so many years!), but I'm not 100% sure, due to the sporadic release of so many of these issues. What I have is the following:

    • Supreme #41-56

    • Supreme: The Return #1-6

    • Judgment Day - four issues:
    (1) Alpha
    (2) Omega
    (3) #3
    (4) Aftermath

    • Youngblood - three issues:
    (1) #1
    (2) #1+
    (3) #2

    • Awesome Adventures #1

    • Glory #0

    In any case, I’m stoked you made this site, and I’m looking forward to re-reading this classic run in weekly bites!

    1. That's funny, because on the settings, it says that anyone can comment, even anonymous users. Sorry about that. Anyway, glad you're here. It'll cut down on the echos around here.

      I highly recommend reading the annotations page as we go, as they are a lot of fun on the old Superman details put into the issues (I wish I could take credit for them!).

      You have almost everything I'm going to get into. Eventually, I'll do the last Alan Moore Supreme script in Supreme #63. And I'm also going to take up the Judgment Day prologue in the Sourcebook (it's got the best, most consistent art of the miniseries), as well as Avatar's Glory 1 and 2, but that's a ways away. And then there's the Awesome Handbook, but that's not necessary to have a copy of.

      And I'm also going to deal with some unpublished stuff, like the Youngblood scripts and a couple of fan edits/fan fiction, that should be fun.

      At the rate I plan to go, I could stretch this whole thing out to a whole year, maybe!

  2. Hi there - this is a wonderful site, and I am very appreciative of the work you've done (and shared). Recently, on Rick Veith's FB page, a poster wrote this: "There was also that 6-page prologue of Supreme's that appeared in Wizard (I think) that never made it to the Checker editions." I don't recall anything like that myself, and couldn't find a mention of it here. Do you know about this 6-pager?

    1. This is a common urban legend when it comes to Supreme. What they're actually referring to is the six-page prologue to Judgment Day, not Supreme. It was drawn by Chris Sprouse and is a wonderful read, if you've never read it (https://forgottenawesome.blogspot.com/2017/09/weekly-reading-judgment-day-sourcebook.html). For some reason, when Checker printed their Judgment Day trade, they didn't include it, though it basically makes the whole series make more sense. It wasn't printed in Wizard, but sold exclusively by American Entertainment, so few people saw it, and often get it confused. Everything Moore has done on Supreme is out there and readily available online. There's no missing pieces at this point, except the scripts/proposals for Moore's other Awesome series.

  3. Thank you so much for clearing that up. I do have that issue, and wondered if that was the source of this rumor. Now I know!

  4. The zippyshare links have mostly expired. Will you re-up?

    1. I'll have to dig and see if I can find them.